Monday, 5 April 2010

You're a lion!

If you're a lion but think that you're a lamb, you'll act and behave like a lamb. You'll be scared of other lions and wish you were as powerful and strong as a lion. Once you look a bit more carefully at yourself and see that you were a lion all along, you'll laugh! You don't gradually become a lion - you just look and see you were a lion all along. You don't need lion training. You don't need to study how to be a lion for years, or try to act like a lion. You don't even need to struggle to become a lion. You just need to look clearly.

In the same way, you are awareness, beingness, truth, presence but you think you are a separate individual. You don't need to become awareness because you already are awareness. You just think you're a separate individual - that's the only issue. Notice that being or awareness is effortless and ever shining. Even when dreaming, the dream is lit up by awareness.

Right here and now, get a sense of being. Be here, now. Notice your own presence. Notice awareness happening. See how everything is present as awareness is present. Remember you are awareness - you don't need to become it.

Let go of any ideas of being a separate individual. Allow yourself to be yourself as being. Let go of any ideas about realising this in some future wonderful event and relax into being right now. Be as you are. Nothing but yourself. Notice being is at peace all the time. Being is ever present. Being is whole and beyond separation. Separation is just a thought, an idea. Being is free, and beyond ideas of separation and unity. That's it. You are being. Just be.

Warm wishes from being to being. :-)

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