Sunday, 11 April 2010

Advaita Notebook

I've really enjoyed reading this website The author, Peter Marjason, leaves no room for enlightenment as something to get. My favorite line is

"It’s not that there’s no God
It’s that there’s only God"

I normally don't even think about God, but found this sentence to be absolutely true. Here are some more wonderful lines!

You are totally free
Because there’s nothing you can do

It's not you that's being you
It's life that's being you

The I is nothing special
And therefore has the same free will
As a rock

You are absolutely free
You just can’t know it

It’s not that
“There’s no-one to be enlightened
So don’t bother”
It’s that there’s no-one
To not be enlightened right now

Liberation is not done by you
It would be done by oneness
If it weren’t the case already

Concepts always succeed to fail

What a brilliant set of pointers! Hope you enjoyed them too :)


  1. God, absolute awareness, Fred - doesn't matter what ya call it.

  2. And even if it does matter to you, that doesn't matter either :)