Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Powerful pointers

Let's imagine you as an individual, don't exist. The body mind exists but there is absolutely and completely no one at all inside. You as a person are a total and utter fiction. No individuals have ever existed at all. You as a seeming separate person are no more than thoughts that get together from time to time and say 'I am ....'. Everything happens 100% automatically including all complex thought, and then comes the thought I am xxx every now and then. Imagine if the I am thoughts are completely seen as mere random thoughts with no reality to them at all. There are the senses, thoughts and feelings all lit up by and as awareness. The I am thought is merely pointing to the awareness that is ever operating automatically. I am is a thought just like beach or television. A thought is a thought. Is that possible?

So, who are you? You use your body but aren't actually your body. You're aware of your thoughts but aren't your thoughts themselves. You're aware of your feelings but aren't your feelings. Right now who are you? Reading is happening and if you are fully engaged in the reading, there is no sense of being here. All there is, is observing. The thought 'I am looking' obviously isn't doing any looking. All happens without the need for an 'I'. Does your intuition tell you it could be true?

The I thought is the source of all suffering if believed to be true. I need to xxxx I must xxxx I should xxxx what shall I do. I hate xxxx I love xxxx. If these thoughts are fine if they're not seen as reality but just thoughts dancing like waves in the sea. Does this all sound plausible?

Warm wishes

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