Thursday, 15 April 2010

Is Advaita Therapeutic?

I would say yes! However, remember that everything I'm writing is just thoughts that are popping into my head, so there's no guarantee of it being the 'truth' or the 'false'!

I find Advaita very therapeutic most of the time. I'm talking about pure 100% Advaita, like pure 100% freshly squeezed orange juice. Advaita meaning not two. So, you are not separate from anything else at the moment - you don't need to become free or even realise freedom, as you're already freedom - that kinda Advaita.

I suppose before understanding the whole Advaita thing, everything was quite serious. I would have a tendency to blame myself if something went wrong - now, I'm not too bother generally, as it's not my fault. I had a tendency to lock in my emotions, and it's not good to be angry. Now I love being angry! That's a big change for 'me'. Oh yes, and searching...before I had the idea that I need to search for something, I need to get it. Now I don't care if I'm searching or not - I see it all as oneness. Oh yes, yes, another point. Wow, I'm on a roll this morning. I don't have to go round being 'good'. That's a huge one, and a great relief to let go. I may be nice and do so called good things, but I don't push myself towards such actions at all. Once you see that actually you don't have choice, everything is just f***ing happening, then where does good and bad come into the equation. Without choice, there's no good or bad really - there's just what's happening.

Have a lovely day people!


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