Saturday, 10 April 2010

Today's Top Pointers!

These are from A great site!

"Life will be perfect when _____ happens." - this is a thought story. Peace is here and now and nowhere else.

I am nothing and no one, nor are you. I don't have special knowledge or grace. I am not an authority of any sort. I am.

You cannot kill the ego. Try to smite the air with a stone and you will hit nothing.

Search into the endless universe and you will still be it. You cannot find that which was never missing.

I am.
If I was not, no experence could arise.
The thought “I am” is not what I am.
I am that which is prior to thought, which is it’s precondition.
I have never been limited, no borders impinge on me.
In my clarity, impressions and thoughts arise.
Some of these thoughts pretend to describe me.
Other thoughts reference these images.
Being is never sullied by appearances.
Our nature is freedom, we only suffer in thought.
In reality, oneness is all that ever appears.
There isn’t anyone who “gets this” and “doesn’t get it”.
There is only this.
Thoughts of confusion and separation will pass and this will still be.
Thoughts couldn’t appear without this.

In spiritual circles, the idea of "awakening" is usually seen as a big deal - "Ooooh - he's awakened!" but, in reality, NOTHING can appear to happen without wakefulness/awareness.

Thanks to Morgan's site for these pointers :)

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