Friday, 16 April 2010

Nonduality and Efficiency

I didn't get much work done today. I wanted to edit 5 chapters but only managed 2. Unsuccessful, some would say. How can this situation be seen from the nonduality perspective? Can I make myself more efficient through understanding the philosophy of nonduality?

1. I have no choice. I didn't decide what thoughts would come to my head to distract me and whether I would be in a calm mind or not.

2. I never do anything anyway. Thoughts arise and actions happen. There's no Shamash actually doing anything. That's an idea that comes and goes.

3. What's wrong with right now, if I don't think about it.....nothing! That's a great sentence to bring to mind.

4. All there is, is That. I use the word That to mean oneness, awareness, god, spirit whatever you want. But That which is everything, is all that exists. The sense of separation comes from that oneness. And the separation is just temporary, like a wave in an ocean. So, does it really matter how efficient you are, knowing this?

5. Efficiency is just an idea, not a fact This is all just thoughts. You may think you were inefficient, whereas someone else may think you've done so much. Efficiency is just a relative concept, with no absolute reality underlying it.

Hopefully, I'll be more efficient tomorrow :)

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