Saturday, 24 April 2010

Advaita on the Undergroud?

All of humanity's insecurities are based on the idea of free will. Once you see it doesn't exist, you are not to blame for anything and nor is anyone else. That is freedom.

There is no central decision maker.

Even though you know there is no free will, you still struggle with decisions. That's okay.

If you wipe all your memories, who are you.

Not understanding this is not in your hands.

You don't exist.

Right now, the universe is looking at itself.

Time and space are illusions like in a dream.

Keep living as you've always lived, if you want. Its perfect.

Searching and not searching are both done by the universe herself.

Love is just an emotional attachment that comes and goes from time to time.

All there is, is love.

These are just lines on a screen. You don't need to understand lines on a screen.

I'm talking complete nonsense. I'm just saying what's popping in my head. I have no other option, until I stop.

You've never done anything in your entire life.

You are the universe.

Feeling confused? Trying to get rid of confusion? Why? What's wrong with being confused? Confusion and non-confusion are both creations of the universe and perfect just as they are.

Everything's perfect including the desire to change the world and try to get justice and end poverty and reduce child labour.

Have you ever done somthing wrong? Could you help it? What if all 'wrong' actions were by people who couldn't help it?

Feel like a separate person? That's perfect.

Feel crap? It'll pass

Feel good? It'll pass

Feel oneness? It'll pass

Feel like everything will pass? It'll pass

You are Awareness.

Why are you still reading this? Because you don't have a choice.

You're a robot that thinks its in charge.

If you think you're free, you're free.

If you think you've got money problems, you've got money problems.

If you think you're okay the way you are, you're okay.



  1. Beautifully put. But sometimes it seems like escapism to me: put the blame on the universe 'cos one is awareness. To put it another way, pacify and console oneself by saying one is not the body. I can't earn my own money, I can't get a good date, I can't live a fulfilling life, etc. Answer: Hey, no problem. I'm not this body. I'm awareness, Parabrahman, the Supreme Being, the Head Honcho. But I can't even wipe my butt properly. So, like an ostrich, I hide myself in awareness. What say?
    P.S: I am not responsible for this comment because:
    1. I don't exist
    2. All is a happening
    3. I'm awareness
    4. Time and space don't exist
    5. I'm That (which cannot be defined)
    6. I'm nothing
    7. I'm everything
    8. I am

  2. Hi Nivir! Thank you for your comment :) Yes, you're right, it's a form of escapism. But hey, who cares! The alternative is to feel guilty and beat yourself up for not getting stuff done. That sucks, so I prefer this. It also feels true, so that's cool with me. Surely, we're all part of the Oneness?! I love your nine points - they're brill. I hope you, or not you, come back and share more comments - I get bored without comments...Shamash
    Ps Can i share your 9 points on my facebook page - i like them :)

  3. This blog post is brilliant! Totally cracked me up. Great to see random thoughts being posted in random way. No pretense or attempt to organize it or structure it. Excellent!

  4. Dear Cos Mic,

    Hey, I really appreciate you taking the time to say that. I've been a bit unhappy with this post - I thought it was too random and haphazard. I have a strange urge to write really nice blog post which lots of people will come over and read, even though I write it just for fun. Anyway, I wrote that post on my phone whilst travelling on the tube using my mobile - it was a fun experiment! :)

    Thanks again, and go well,

  5. Hi Shamash,
    I love this post. It's nice and loose and brimming with in-the-moment-wisdom. I know what you mean about feeling a bit unhappy after putting up a post- that happens to me a lot too, so I'm glad we're all one.

    When I read:
    "All of humanity's insecurities are based on the idea of free will. Once you see it doesn't exist, you are not to blame for anything and nor is anyone else. That is freedom."
    I felt the truth of these words. When we talk about "free will" we are talking about individual or personal will, and there is no individual or there is no free will. But there is One Will, there is the burst of aliveness everywhere in the eternal now. And it's great to be part of that, and sometimes that One Will may feel like individual, personal will- like when we are caught up in some creative enthusiasm- and that's fine- it doesn't really matter whether we call it free will or not- we just ride the magic carpet ride whatever we call it. And lots of times it's not much fun, and that's okay too. "Feel like a separate person? That's perfect." How unbounded...Breaking down the walls of "should" and "shouldn't" or the walls of "spiritually correct" and "spiritually incorrect" in the mind. Thank you.

  6. Dear Colleen,
    It's an honour to have your comments - they're so insightful!
    I LOVE your idea of the One Will. I think I agree with you on that one. And "we just ride the magic carpet ride whatever we call it. And lots of times it's not much fun, and that's okay too" has lot of space about it. I feel like I'm sitting on a magic carpet right now. I'm gonna post what you said in your comment I like it so much! As Shakespeare said, 'Oh wonderful, wonderful, most wonderful wonderful'. :) Shamash

  7. Wow Shamash- thanks! That's a great quote from Shakespeare too, which I've never heard before.

  8. Hi Shamash! Yes, you can share my nine points on facebook. How come I didn't get emailed when you replied to my comment? Oneness.