Saturday, 3 April 2010

You are the world

The warmth of the sun through the greenhouse like enclosure of the car is beautifully contrasted by the jet of cool, refreshing air from a fan. Lush vegetation including palm trees decorate the deep, steep valleys and mountains around. The catchy, rhythmic sound of percussion and electronic percolates the ears from a buddha bar CD. People in brightly coloured attire harvest with bare hands in local rice fields.

Life seems to be a combination of fluxing pleasant and unpleasant experiences. Following a pleasant sensation grows the urge to repeat the event. For example, the desire to drive through attractive scenery. The question is, who wants to re-experience? You may say 'I' but that is just a letter. With an understanding that the individual self is a construct of thought, the craving for the pleasant and aversion of the unpleasant reduces. The person that appears to exist is awareness, and awareness simply lights up experience and is indifferent. Awareness is experience. You are experience. You are the world and the sense of being an individual - relax, you are perfect exactly as you are.

The temperature hits 42C outside as we meander down the hill side. The sun creates a shiny mirage near the horizon.

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