Thursday, 1 April 2010

What are you searching for?

In the realm of spirituality often people describe themselves as seekers. Are you a seeker? If you are, slow down and consider the following question - what are you searching for? Many say enlightenment, oneness, self realisation etc. These are just concepts. What do you really want from what you are seeking? Often, people are seeking some sort of experience. But experience always has a beginning and an end. So no matter how wonderful an experience you gain, it will dissipate and lead to a low experience. Seeing this, you can forget about searching for an experience.

Spirituality is essentially about discovering oneself. So discovering is required rather than an experience. Now can YOU understand YOURself? You are yourself! So being already yourself, you cannot see or experience you. Anything you experience is NOT you. The closest you can get is a sense of beingness or 'I am ness'.

You are already that which you seek. Just be yourself. Be as you are.

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