Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pointers from john wheeler

Here's some pointers I heard in a talk john gave on

Absolute freedom is right now.

Who is here to practice something?

There is no special moment for you to get something as there's nothing to get!

Longing for freedom in the future implies you don't have it.

I'm not a teacher and you're not gonna get anything from me.

That freedom is priceless, valuable and possible.

This approach starts with freedom.

You don't need to wait for an energetic shift.

There's nobody out there that's defective.

I am not awakened yet is an I thought that causes suffering. All 'I' thoughts cause suffering. I is the source of problem.

Ask 'What is the nature of who I am?'

Start from the fact that you're already That.

Your being is That.

There's no experience that you need to get in the future.

Can you recognise the fact of your being right now?

Your own presence is beyond all doubt. You are That.

This is right here and right now. Let the interest be in that. Be clear about that. It perfectly whole and complete and doesn't need awakening or enlightenment.

You already are what you are.

In this moment now there is not a thing wrong.

Your being doesn't need enlightenment. You already are that. You don't need that concept to be free. No more seeking is needed.

Your being is right here. You can't get being from book guru etc. The menu is not the meal. Ask what is undeniably here right now?

Seeking is conceptual as long as the I is believed. It ends when you see right now the fact of your own being is That.

It's not about experiences.

Your being is not your body or any experience.

Be clear about the fact of your own being.

Enjoy ;)

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