Wednesday, 17 March 2010

You Are Completely and Totally Free Right Now

Let's begin with the basics and I can show you how you are totally free right now, no matter what is happening in your life.

Firstly, understand that you are almost always searching. If you are a spiritual person, you are searching for God or Enlightenment or Bliss. If you are a materialist, you are searching for more money etc so that you can be happy. If you are a relationship person, you are searching for the perfect relationship, and if you're in a relationship you are trying to improve it so that you can be totally happy together. All this searching, no matter what you're searching for, implies that you are expecting happiness and peace and love and joy at some future point in time. One day you're gonna get it, is your expectation.

Unfortunatately and fortunately, if you are hoping to get something in the future, you are NEVER going to get it. This is because future is a concept. In reality, future doesn't exist. Nobody has ever existed in the future. The only thing that ever exists is now. You can think about the future and say, later on I'm going to have a shower, but when you're having a shower, that shower is in the present moment. Also, you can only think about the past and the future in the present moment. You are always in the now. Thoughts can only exist in the present moment, and thoughts are often about past and future. So, you can never get out of the present moment. For example, right now, try and leave the present moment? Can you? You can day dream, but that day dreaming is also in the present. So, the present moment is the only moment that exists. If you see this, then you can see that hoping for a future happiness or whatever you're searching for is just that - a hope.

In truth, what you are searching for is who you already are. You are in truth searching for yourself. What does that mean? Well, consider the question, what are you? Are you your name? Of course, you are not your name because if you were given a different name you would still be essentially the same person. Are you your body? Well, you are aware of your body, and if you are aware of something you cannot be it. For example, if you can see a chair in the room, you know you are not the chair because you are aware of it. In the same way, you are aware of your body. If you were your body, you would not be able to be aware of it, as you would be it - does that make sense. Or, consider the following - which cell in your body do you consider to be you. You are made up of trillions of cells and they are always changing and transforming - so which one are you? Are you all of them? If so, there are thousands of cells dropping off from your body every minute - does that mean you are dropping off as you walk around? That doesn't make sense, does it? Each time you breathe, the molecules of oxygen become part of you - so are you the air around you? So, perhaps you are now questioning the idea that you are the body. Yet another way of seeing this is through control - are you in control of your body? Can you stop digestion, or breathing or circulation? Are you doing all these things, or are they just happening? Can yo be something that you can't even control? You are not your body.

Are you your thoughts? Again, we can question this through control. If you are your thoughts, you should surely be able to control them completely, but can you? If I tell you, stop thinking about flying laptops for the next minute, can you do it? Are you even in control of what you'll think about next? As I write these words, I don't know what I'm going to write next. Can you see clearly that thought is happening by itself? Nobody can stop thought. Thoughts are popping up in awareness all the time, and there is nothing you can do about them really. So, if you can control them, you are not your thoughts. Another way of seeing this, is to consider that you can see your thoughts. You....can see thoughts. So, if you can see them, you are not them. There is a space between you and thoughts for you to be able to see them. You cannot be that which you observe. So, you are not your thoughts. If you look at this, it is fairly clear.

So, you are not your body or your thoughts as you can see them both. So, who or what are you? You are the observer, the witness, that which watches all experience arise and fall again. You can call this awareness, consciousness, being, witness, self, watcher, god, spirit, soul, That or whatever you want. The word is not important. I like to call it awareness. So, you are awareness. Now what is the nature of awareness, which is what you are? First of all, awareness is always shining. You are never not aware. If you're not aware of the senses around you, you're aware of thoughts. When sleeping, you're either aware of your dreams, and if there are no dreams, there is just an awareness of being - if there was no awareness at all, nobody would be able to wake you up.

As awareness, you are completely and totally free. You always have been and always will be. You thought you were your thoughts or your body or your ideas, but now you can see that you are none of those things. You are awareness - free, open, spacious, ever shining, ever witnessing, self-illuminating. And that's it - that's all there is to understand.

So, as awareness, you never have done anything, and never will. Awareness doesn't do anything, it just naturally shines. So, any action you do is something that happens by itself. Desires arise and actions happen. For example, right now, I am watching as my hands are typing this sentence - I'm not doing anything at all - it's just a happening. Additionally, breathing is happening, blinking is happening, the head is aching, and it's all just perfect just the way it is. So there is no such thing as doing. Action just arises or doesn't.

As awareness, I make no choices or decisions - they simply happen too. Decisions are based on thoughts, and thoughts arise and pass automatically. So, there is no such thing as me making a choice. In fact, you never make any choices either. Decision just happen, and a split second later, the thought arises, 'I have decided to...' but that's just a thought too. You as awareness have never, ever made a single choice. Therefore, anything you've ever done 'wrong' or 'right' was not you either. You've just done what you've done. Desires have arisen, choices have been made and actions has happened. That's it. No claim, no fame and no blame! as Leo Hartong says.

Now understand thare is no way, path, method, technique or course that leads to this because it is already happening right now! You are already awareness. You are already free. You think you are not free due to misunderstanding, but that is all. You are totally free right now. If you think you are not free, that is just another thought arising in awareness, and has no impact on the freedom that is you. You are that awareness, that aliveness and every presence shining, RIGHT NOW.

This doesn't mean everywhere you look you see a shining light. Nothing changes in a way. Everything looks the same, but you know that underneath, nothing reslly matters. Life is a game or play or dream. It's for fun. You enjoy pleasures and feel pains, but only in the moment. You eat more chocolate and may even watch more tv. You are ordinary, everyday awareness. It's nothing special at all. But it is freedom from constant improvement. It's freedom from following this or that. You can do whatever you want - there's no rules - just actions and consequences of actions. And you don't do the actions really - they just happen as they always have. You are That!

Any questions? Get in touch my friend.

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