Friday, 21 May 2010

Let's Start Again

There's something really nice and refreshing about starting again, afresh, anew. Let's do this adviata/non-duality thing again.

Advaita is about non-duality, or what I like to call these days, Oneness. The idea is that all there is in the Universe, is Oneness. All is part of the bigger whole. Nothing is separate - anything that looks separate, is just that, a look. It's still part of a bigger whole, or One. There is nothing at all, no matter how good or evil, that is apart from the One.

Now the tricky and exciting bit. The One, the whole, is responsible for everything that happens, including you and everything you do. You are not separate from the One. You are part of One. Every decision, action, thought, feeling, desire you have is actually "One's" responsibility. You don't do anything. Appearing to do something, is actually Oneness appearing to do something.

So all there is, is Oneness. It's an idea that makes sense to 'me'.

:) May you be well.

By the way, this is my new book coming out in July. I've included some nonduality in it too! :)


  1. Non-separation is the most calming fact there is, and when I read your post non-separation is suddenly obvious and indisputable. I have spent a lot of my time feeling separate- from others, from my true self, from Source, from this moment. But all that sense of being apart from oneness was just a sense of being apart- it was never for one instant the actual case. Now when the old habit of feeling separate arises, it is taken less seriously. Thank you for this post Shamash. I am pre-ordering your book- what a beautiful way for you to channel your life energy -into authoring a book on mindfulness.

  2. That's really kind of you to say so. I don't know how you come up with these deep and powerful words in a comment :) In a paragraph, you've beautifully summed up the whole 'search' and how that is just another part of being human, and part of the beauty of oneness, playing with itself. Thanks Colleen - I hope you enjoy the book. If you're into mindfulness, I post a new mindfulness challenge everyday at
    May you be well