Tuesday, 4 May 2010

How to discover your true, natrual self

That's a typical question that goes round the spiritual circles - how are you going to discover your true self? What type of meditation are you going to practise? Which guru are you going to follow?

Questions such as these imply someone who is searching, and someone else who needs to be found. So, it doesn't make sense. How can you discover yourself, if you are yourself? You're chasing your tail. Even to say you need to be yourself implies that you are something else. But how can you ever be something else? You always are yourself! Be as you are - you honestly are fine just as you are. And you're fine if you're not happy the way you are and want to change, as that's part of what you are too.

So, to discover your true self, you don't need to do anything. Self discovery isn't about some great big flash of enlightenment - that's just a passing experience. All these teachers that say they've 'got it' have had an experience and are holding onto that past experience, and keep repeating an insight they had. And that's fine - that's what's happening. For me, I see that search and not searching are both perfectly beautiful aspects of creation, of oneness. It's all happening perfectly, just as it is. And not agreeing with this, and being a guru teaching a path to truth is also part of oneness too. It's all oneness in operation, dancing its dance.

Keep dancing your dancing - you're wonderful, just as you are. Sorry about the overplayed song below - couldn't help it :)


  1. Hi Shamash,

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  2. Hi JD,

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