Saturday 22 May 2010

UG Krishnamurti on Life

THE NATURAL STATE is not the state of a self-realized, God-realized man. It is not a thing to be achieved or attained. It is not a thing to be willed into existence; it is there—it is the living state. This state is just the functional activity of life. By 'life' I do not mean something abstract; it is the life of the senses, functioning naturally without the interference of thought. Thought is an interloper, which thrusts itself into the affairs of the senses. It has a profit motive: thought directs the activity of the senses to get something out of them, and uses them to give continuity to itself.

Your natural state has no relationship whatsoever with the religious states of bliss, beatitude and ecstasy; they lie within the field of experience. Those who have led man on his search for religiousness throughout the centuries have perhaps experienced those religious states. So can you. They are thought-induced states of being, and as they come, so do they go. Krishna Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or what have you, are all trips in the wrong direction: they are all within the field of time. The timeless can never be experienced, can never be grasped, contained, much less given expression to, by any man. That beaten track will lead you nowhere. There is no oasis situated yonder; you are stuck with the mirage.

You can never understand the tremendous peace that is always there within you, that is your natural state. Your trying to create a peaceful state of mind is in fact creating disturbance within you. You can only talk of peace, create a state of mind and say to yourself that you are very peaceful—but that is not peace; that is violence. So there is no use in practicing peace, there is no reason to practice silence.

UG Krishnamurti

From the book

Nisargadatta's Greatest Quote

"I know nothing, I want nothing."

Quotes from Nisargadatta - Enjoy!

Just realise the One Mover behind all that moves and leave all to Him. If you do not hesitate, or cheat, this is the shortest way to reality. Stand without desire and fear, relinquishing all control and all responsibility.... What is wrong in letting go the illusion of personal control and personal responsibility? Both are in the mind only. p.151

It is your idea that you have to do things that entangle you in results of your efforts-the motive, the desire, the failure to achieve, the sense of frustration-all this holds you back. Simply look at whatever happens and know that you are beyond it. p.148

You give reality to concepts, while concepts are distortions of reality. Abandon all conceptualisation and stay silent and attentive. Be earnest about it and all will be well with you. p.154

Nothing is done by me, everything just happens. I do not expect, I do not plan, I just watch events happening, knowing them to be unreal. p.191

All will happen by itself. You need not do anything, only don't prevent it. p.242

If you just try to keep quiet, all will come - the work, the strength for work, the right motive. Must you know everything beforehand? Don't be anxious about your future - be quiet now and all will fall into place. p.248

Be empty of all mental content, of all imagination and effort, and the very absence of obstacles will cause reality to rush in. p.260

Deepen and broaden your awareness of yourself and all the blessings will flow. You need not seek anything, all will come to you most naturally and effortlessly. p.261

The very notion of doership, of being a cause, is bondage. p.298

In the light of calm and steady self-awareness inner energies wake up and work miracles without any effort on your part. p.311

Just turn away from all that occupies the mind; do whatever work you have to complete, but avoid new obligations; keep empty, keep available, resist not what comes uninvited. p.375

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Friday 21 May 2010

Let's Start Again

There's something really nice and refreshing about starting again, afresh, anew. Let's do this adviata/non-duality thing again.

Advaita is about non-duality, or what I like to call these days, Oneness. The idea is that all there is in the Universe, is Oneness. All is part of the bigger whole. Nothing is separate - anything that looks separate, is just that, a look. It's still part of a bigger whole, or One. There is nothing at all, no matter how good or evil, that is apart from the One.

Now the tricky and exciting bit. The One, the whole, is responsible for everything that happens, including you and everything you do. You are not separate from the One. You are part of One. Every decision, action, thought, feeling, desire you have is actually "One's" responsibility. You don't do anything. Appearing to do something, is actually Oneness appearing to do something.

So all there is, is Oneness. It's an idea that makes sense to 'me'.

:) May you be well.

By the way, this is my new book coming out in July. I've included some nonduality in it too! :)

Saturday 15 May 2010

No Will, or One Will

Here's a comment on one of my posts from Colleen, who beautifully blogs at

When we talk about "free will" we are talking about individual or personal will, and there is no individual or there is no free will. But there is One Will, there is the burst of aliveness everywhere in the eternal now. And it's great to be part of that, and sometimes that One Will may feel like individual, personal will- like when we are caught up in some creative enthusiasm- and that's fine- it doesn't really matter whether we call it free will or not- we just ride the magic carpet ride whatever we call it. And lots of times it's not much fun, and that's okay too. "Feel like a separate person? That's perfect." How unbounded...Breaking down the walls of "should" and "shouldn't" or the walls of "spiritually correct" and "spiritually incorrect" in the mind. 

Thank you Colleen :)

Discovering the meaning of Life

Today, whilst on the train from Bangor in Wales, back to London, England, I was reading Suzanne's blog called 'Nothing exists despite appearances'. She gorgeously highlighted an important point that I'd like to reiterate here.

People get hung up on finding meaning in their lives, discussing and thinking endlessly about whether God exists, what is the nature of reality, or if they should get married, have children and so on. However the greatest mystery is sitting right under their noses. The very fact that the Universe exists at all is the greatest mystery of all, surely.

Ultimately, all is well just as it is. You may not see the glorious fact that you're actually alive, whatever 'you' is, but is that your fault? No. I don't think so. Thoughts come and go, feelings come and go, decisions and choices come and go. All happens by itself, even though there is, and quite naturally, a strong sense of individuality.
Sometimes I find life really tough, and so called difficult decisions need to be made. However, I am fortunate to see that I didn't really make the decision and so don't feel too guilty or stressed about the choice.

You're perfect just as you are, whether you're seeking or not. All is Oneness is operation, just as she is. Right now, oneness is looking at herself. No claim, no fame, no blame.


Sunday 9 May 2010

Four Reasons Why You Are Already In Oneness

1. Everything that exists is part of a bigger whole. You are also part of that whole. Infact, you arose out of that oneness and so cannot be separate from it.

2. Your physical body cannot exist for even one second without the environment around it. Take away air, and you're finished. Take away space and you're no longer there. Take away everything your senses detect, and you're as good as dead.

3. If you were separate from onenenss, that would mean that the oneness isn't oneness! The very fact that oneness exists, would mean it includes everything.

4. Oneness couldn't be something to be attained. For what would you experience if you got oneness? All experience imply a duality of experiencer and experience. You can only experience the world through duality. The duality comes from the onenenss, and is perfect just as it is.


5. Oneness couldn't be attained in the future, because the future never comes. You always have been and always will be in the present moment. So this moment now, is onenness. This is it. You have arrived and always have arrived.